Week 1

Here we go!  So this blog is going to give you the 101 about a journey of a college student to starting an online business. Hopefully this will help you start a business online as well if you are hoping to do so.  I am currently enrolled in a Web Business Design course on campus and in class we learned the very basics of starting our business this week.  I have just begin to realize  all the possibilities that are available to us, I was really blown away.  There are many practical methods of choosing your business and how it will operate.  As a good business man or woman, you must carefully and critically consider what your customers may want or need and how they are going to go about finding those products.

There is great controversy over whether it is better to first pick a product or pick a business model first.  Here are two useful links our teacher shared with us concerning the different Business models:

http://digitalenterprise.org/models/models.html, http://bizthoughts.mikelee.org/brainstorming-business-ideas.html.

I would suggest starting with a brainstorm diagram.  I would start with things that interest you.  Ask questions like: what will consumers actually buy?  What has high or low competition rate?  What is best going to fit my needs: cost, time-constraints, room for storage, available equipment, legal regulations?   For my business, to get my juices flowing, I started writing down my passions and hobbies and then wrote down products that related to those. Recognize running a business is going to take discipline but it also should be something you love and enjoy.  Picking a product you can be passionate about can propel you forward to being successful salesman.

I found the following video very interesting:


Here is a story of a women who chose to start her own business and become self-reliant.  As in her case as well as many other, you will need to be in charge of furthering your own education.  Seek out reputable sources, study out new information and methods to help your business and become more self-reliant in general.  After doing so, seek out opportunities to share your new learned skill sets with others.


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